Hey there!

Hey there!

Welcome to my website

I am Ardian.

a Software Engineer

with over 6 years of extensive experience with various technologies.

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Front End

My passion lies in crafting captivating user experiences through elegant and efficient code. I strive to bring your ideas to life, creating intuitive and visually stunning web applications that leave a lasting impact.

Back End

I bring expertise in performance optimisation, scalability, security, reliability, database design, API development, testing, documentation, collaboration, and continuous learning


As a versatile and experienced full stack developer, I bring the best of both worlds to the table, offering end-to-end solutions and consulting services that seamlessly bridge the gap between frontend and backend development


I prioritise delivering top-notch quality in my work, through code reviews, unit testing, sticking to clean code practices, responsive design implementation, and thorough unit and E2E testing.

Curator of digital products.

I have had the privilege to deliver quality digital products using a wide array of tech stacks. From frontend frameworks to backend technologies, I approached each project with humility and a keen attention to detail. Through meticulous testing and a commitment to excellence, I aimed to create seamless experiences that exceeded expectations. It was an honour to contribute to the success of those projects by delivering reliable and exceptional solutions that upheld the highest standards of quality.

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